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my own personal Evolution
Out of the Ocean Since 300M BCE

Date: 2009-02-28 15:08
Subject: where do YOU go to find out what's happening in Tulsa?
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as many of you know, I now work for a national business/entrepreneurship quarterly (Performance Magazine (http://www.theperformancemagazine.com/)) that is based here in Tulsa.

as you also probably know, newspapers and magazines are suffering greatly these days. not just national publications, but local ones. most notably, 4-time-pulitzer prize winning rocky mountain news in colorado just shut their doors yesterday. that's cast a very DARK shadow across the publishing industry -- again, not just national pubs but local as well.

by the grace of God, Allah, Quetzalcoatl, etc. we've been growing in this environment. So thankfully Performance Magazine is doing awesome. We don't know how or why, but it is what it is. I think it has something do with the quality of content we produce, but that's another subject.

there's a LOT of factors converging between government, technology, the economy, and media. everywhere i look, i see things changing and everything is connected to everything else.

what does this tell me?
the game has to change.

as a publisher, we can't dictate to a retailer what is the best way for him/her to advertise.
we have to listen to them, their audience, and help our clients be where the customer is. sounds easy, but...well you would be shocked at how many newspapers and magazines force themselves to think old school.

i have a point in this i promise.
here it is:

i want to know where people go -- in their community -- to find out what is going on. *PLEASE* read the discussion

and lemme know what you think.
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Date: 2009-02-24 01:41
Subject: favorite science fiction writers in no particular order...
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robert heinlin

ray bradbury

george orwell

aldous huxley

ursula k. leguin

kurt vonnegut

harlan ellison

arthur c. clarke

philip k. dick

issac azimov
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Date: 2009-01-16 17:31
Subject: only because i was tagged by brad
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i never do these, but here goes.
7 things you probably don't know about me.
(...and no; i am not going to tag anyone else; that's just how i roll.)

my great-grandfather (on my mom's side) made his living as a coal-miner in west virgina. that makes my grandmother, who was born in WV and raised in mexico city, a coal-miner's daughter. yes, like loretta lynn.

i started playing violin when i was about 8. i was always 1st-chair in all the groups/orchestras i played in, through the end of high-school. ...in college i played for a couple bands and was even in one ("Smoke") for a year or two here in Tulsa. Had I not pursued a career in design, web/computers, etc. I could easily see myself having gone after trying to make it in the music biz...maybe not as a musician, but i've always fantasized about producing events or putting out a record.

my dad's cousin died of aids in 1994-ish. i didn't know he was gay until after i'd moved to tulsa, almost 5 years later. i'm angry with my family to this day about keeping his life from me, and consider him a great influence on my own life (both personally and in my career ...not so much because of what he did; he hopped from job to job, but because he was very much a renaissance man). i think of him often.

another influence on my life is someone i think of probably more than anyone else i've not seen since i moved to tulsa from san jose, and that's my friend patrick lawrence. a great illustrator and designer, his aesthetic has informed my work since i first learned to open a file in photoshop. i haven't had any contact with him since i moved and i still miss him something feirce.

back in san jose i was involved in comedy sportz; an improv group at my high school that would compete w/ other area schools. i wasn't nearly as good as some of the guys, but it was great fun.

the year before i left san jose, i started a zine w/ a friend of mine chris pollock, called, "buttkicker's digest". it was an insane collection of poetry, art, bits of stories chris would write, inside jokes, and mostly scraps of found "art"; what we would find in the middle of the night in the trash bins at kinko's after the end of the day. amazingly fun craziness.

i went through my confirmation (it's this things that catholics do...almost like a 2nd baptism, cuz when you're baptized the first time it's when you're a baby and you have no idea what's going on) at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico City. i guess that makes me like...REALLY catholic.
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Date: 2009-01-08 00:36
Subject: turning twitter off
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hopefully turned loudtwitter off. ...annoying for most, and no real purpose. if you want to follow me on twitter, do so...and you can get my updates there rather that me shoving them in everyone's face on LJ as well.

also unfriended a LOT of people. ...it's not that i don't love you, it's just that well i've not read my friends page in about a year, so pretending to keep up with 100 people and other feeds was just dumb. besides, i use google reader now so i don't need another rss aggrigator.

so yea.
will only post here when i have something meaningful to say.
...and i won't have time to write till...oh, say spring break what w/ being up to my face in work. ...but we'll see.
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Date: 2009-01-01 02:58
Subject: jota minuscula
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  • 14:08 this info graphic has taken me ALL DAY to do. alls i gotta say is it better get some GOOD mileage.
  • 14:11 @jj_jiles the learning curve imo is for sure high indeed, but once you get used to it, it's actually really nice. ...i think so at least.
  • 14:14 @iRox JFJO tonight at the blank slate downtown (1st st. music hall). if i felt like going out tonight that's where i would be.
  • 16:10 graphic is so good i've been asked to redo the media kit. and do another promo peice. yay! i mean CRAP! i mean yay!
  • 16:12 @ThirtySixthSpan www.freshbooks.com? or do you need something more robust?
  • 16:14 btw if you are in orlando in 2 weeks, check out allan's event and see jeff magee speak: is.gd/eju3
  • 16:16 @gideony advantage to google reader is you can share articles with me. ha!
  • 21:51 often amazes me how when u have a child, "hurrying to get somewhere" turns in to a 90+ minute process.
  • 23:10 happy new year steve! wow comedy sportz is in downtown sj now? that's crazy.
  • 00:04 Feliz ano nuevo!
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Date: 2008-12-31 02:57
Subject: jota minuscula
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  • 12:24 @gideony imo u just described bill mahr. I love the guy but re: religion he sounds like a clueless yelling fanatic.

sent via transatlantic telegraph cable to LJ by an ape w/ one of those funny visors using morse code.
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Date: 2008-12-30 02:53
Subject: jota minuscula
Security: Public
  • 09:16 there's a bat sleeping in my cubicle
  • 09:27 @mandarenee not kidding. pics in a second after I recover from the heart attack I just had.
  • 09:35 twitpic.com/xm2o - Cubicle bat
  • 09:39 twitpic.com/xm3v - Bat in my cubicle
  • 10:20 @mandarenee no; jeff and i trapped him w/ a butterfly net and put him outside. he was one PISSED off little flying rodent.
  • 11:21 @galateadia as awesomely goth as it would be to have a bat as a pet...i would not be able to feed it the 120 bugs an hour it'd need.
  • 11:22 ...especially not in the middle of the night. nope; we let it go. it sure let out a screaming fit when we woke him up. can't say i blame him
  • 11:36 @jenthegreat HA! no i think we want FEWER bats in our office, not more.
  • 13:59 @ibspoof too bad the monster truck event is not on sunday Sunday! SUNDAY!!!
  • 14:26 contacted tinyurl.com/99smuu to help check for more bats in the attic, garage, etc
  • 16:36 @jyoseph ok that's freaking scary and hypnotic. i will do your bidding!
  • 16:40 @justinshattuck entitled to? no. tend toward being selfish, yes, but hopefully some people work toward being as selfLESS as possible.
  • 22:09 @cornflakes i like the curl idea. we should try it this weekend.
  • 23:54 @jbdubois ha! well they didn't tell me that the previous worker in my cubicle was bela lugosi
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Date: 2008-12-29 02:57
Subject: jota minuscula
Security: Public
  • 15:11 @justinshattuck sounds like a good idea for a new app
  • 18:24 @noaheverett not that it helps u now but @ibspoof and I when we go see a film always go to the sat. matenee at amc. cheaper and no crowds.
  • 21:10 @cornflakes no craigslist does not have an api. yes that blows.
  • 21:18 @ibspoof yea we were looking for a way to post. for like posting crap for sale on a mass basis to several services like oodle craigslist etc
  • 21:22 @ibspoof yea looking now at the posting process. heh @jenthegreat knows more about craigslist than I do. ...but for now hot wok here I come!
sent via transatlantic telegraph cable to LJ by an ape w/ one of those funny visors using morse code.
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Date: 2008-12-28 02:43
Subject: jota minuscula
Security: Public
  • 18:58 @gideony that would rock. Call us if u are free tomorrow
  • 19:12 planned out a kickass tournament pre-registration app for the NVGA w/ @lifeasadesigner & @cornflakes ...and hideaway was yum.
  • 19:13 now time for shopping with @jenthegreat & baby. i need pants.
  • 20:54 @lyoness happy birthday lex! w00t!
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Date: 2008-12-27 02:59
Subject: jota minuscula
Security: Public
  • 13:35 leaving the funeral. everyone in their very best cargo jeans, hoodies and steel toed boots.
  • 23:15 the apartment looks like a toys r us delivery truck smashed in to our entertainment center. time to clean up baby toys!
sent via transatlantic telegraph cable to LJ by an ape w/ one of those funny visors using morse code.
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